segunda-feira, 6 de agosto de 2007

Hello Pre-Inter 3 Students

This is our first post. Today we revised the Present Perfect and practised speaking. Next class, we´re going to talk about fears, what are you afraid of? Spiders, rats, snakes, the dark, rollercoasters?

If you´re afraid of rollercoasters, you´re not alone. Watch this video and see how people feel when they go on a ride.

And you, What do you fear most?
1. In the COMMENTS area write about what you´re afraid of.
2. Listen to 6 people saying what they´re afraid of and write it down for next class.

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Ana Maria disse...

I´m terrified of rats. I can´t really control my fear when I see one. And something else, I´m afraid of any animal that can fly, like parrots, chicken, birds in general. And you?

Caio disse...

I'm afraid of snakes, if I saw one I would run very fast!
I don't like them because , they're very big and violent.

Bruno disse...

I'm afraid of go to the director, because I'm goingo there frequently and he don't like me.

Francisco Jardine disse...

Homework ONE

I'm afraid of snakes too, because they are poisonous and it's dangerous.

Homework TWO

- Adrienne is afraid of Insects and else too of snakes.

- Conrad is afraid of snakes too, because his grandmother has the same fear as he does.

- Peter is afraid of sharks he trys to avoid swimming.

- Phil is afraid of heights and the scariest thing he has never done was pachuting.

- Skip is afraid of the people who think " He's rich " and try to rob him. And the other paranoia of him is about guns.

- Barbara is afraid of cockroaches and she mention about them is killing them.

Isabela disse...

I'm afraid of rats too, because they are ugly and frightful, if I see a rat I will cry

Danilo disse...

Well, I really don't like spiders because they're nauseous and frightful..and I don't like scorpions too..There are so much dangerous.

Danilo disse...

I forgot, there's one more animal I'm terrified...sharks..=D
That's it

Maria Clara disse...

I'm afraid of snakes and rats there are very ugly.
I have mourning of them.

Anônimo disse...

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Anônimo disse...

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